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Count d'Orsay French Dandy 1801-1852
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We do not have a catalogue of our sticks, as the stock changes all the time.
We have approximately 3000 sticks in stock, antique and new.
A basic new stick costs £20.00 but the more interesting sticks, i.e. with Silver collars, upwards of £70.00.
Moulded heads from £35.00, carved heads upwards of £70.00, silver topped cane from £195.00 upwards, plus many different sticks.
Antique canes (for collecting) start at approximately £70.00, the more interesting ones obviously cost more.

When you contact us, please state your requirements, we can then, be more specific.

Please specify if the cane is for orthopaedic use, fun walking or collecting.

We would prefer if possible to see and assess the customer and give advice on which type of stick would be suitable. We would suggest that you telephone us, on + 44 (0)1903883796, for advice.
If we put prices on the sticks people would make up their mind before seeking our help, in some cases, this would not be a good thing. We are a shop, always trying to help whenever possible.

The best way to measure for a walking stick is to stand to attention and measure the distance from the ground to the part of the wrist where you'd wear your wristwatch.

We keep in stock metal and rubber ferrules, the diameter of the stick needs to be measured for those, tape can be wrap round the bottom of the stick for a better fit.

Post. package and insurance are extra. Domestically the cost is £10.00 for standard length cane.

We do accept Visa or MasterCard; credit card details should include card number, start and expiry date, issue number if a debit card, name on the card and complete billing address; full address and the name of the bank that has issued the card and the last 3 digits of the security code at the back of the card.

If you prefer to use a fax, for credit card details the number to dial is: + 44 (0) 1903884491 or you can ring the shop on: + 44 (0)1903883796.

We recommend that you check the current rate of exchange at:

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