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Count d'Orsay French Dandy 1801-1852
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My own view is that we have descended from four legged animals.
It would prevent knee, hip and back problems if we had long "Gorilla style arms" to use as legs, these would be especially useful when going up and down hills or in slippery conditions.
Carrying a cane extends the forearms and therefore becomes a "foreleg".
At the very least this removes some of the weight from the legs and greatly increases our balance giving us confidence, and the more attractive the cane, the more inclined we are to use it.
We have unusual, and unique canes which are both attractive and supportive


Well, the World's your oyster as they say, collecting canes is an interesting hobby, particularly if the sticks are identified.
We label and bag every stick we sell, but just occasionally with an antique cane, we cannot precisely determine it's use or composition.
We are man enough to tell you we don't know but will offer some interesting theories.
Some people collect specific types of walking stick e.g. Georgian, Victorian, silver, gold, gadget canes or certain animal heads or materials, other folks buy just what they fancy, antique or new.
Many of our customers appreciate a new, beautifully crafted cane for it's originality.
There are fewer, quality canes being produced each year.
Craftsmen are getting older and there are not a lot of young people coming along to replace them.
It is too horrible to contemplate, but will many new silver, gold or hand crafted sticks be available in 30 or 40 years' time?
And, if not, what price will a unique or hand crafted masterpiece command as an investment?
Nice looking canes look superb arranged in a walking stick stand, they are works of art and are probably cheaper to buy than an original painting... and they are usable. (Try walking with a painting)


As previously stated, I am not an expert on evolution, but I use my eyes and have a modicum of common sense.
If you give a small boy a branch or twig, it immediately becomes an imaginary spear, gun or sword.
A well balanced cane would psychologically, and subconsciously represent these childhood memories.
Small boys grow into men, some never grow up, need I say more?

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