Street Seller of Walking Sticks c 1860
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Count d'Orsay French Dandy 1801-1852
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Lord Nelson in hand painted compound, the other side depicting HMS Victory
Lord Nelson
hand painted
on Maple

Badine in
Aplacca gold
on Maple

Pill box
in Alpacca
on Maple

Bowling ball
on Maple
and silver collar
Agate in a claw on Lancewood.
Agate in
claw on

in Maple
Churchill in hand painted compound the other side depicting a plane.
hand painted
on Maple
Novelty wood and horn washers on a metal rod.
Novelty wood
and horn

Basket of fruits
in resin
on Hazel
Carved bust of Sherlock Holmes in Walnut on Beech.
Sherlock Holmes
in Walnut
on Beech

Red snooker ball
on Maple
silver collar

on Ebony
gold plated collar

Striped Crystal
on Ebony
with collar

Globe in compound
on Maple
with silver collar

Golf ball
on Maple
silver collar

in Alpacca
on Maple

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